This Sunday, women of Karachi will be getting the pep talk of a lifetime.



The Women of the World Festival is taking place at the Beach Luxury Hotel on May 1.

Founded in 2011 by theatre director/producer Jude Kelly, the festival aims to celebrate women and highlight the issues they face in the modern world.

At the festival, 10 fantastic women will be distilling their life stories, experiences and lessons into talks of 8 minutes each. Speakers range from academic Madiha Tahir and cricketer Sana Mir to singer Tina Sani and activist Syeda Ghulam Fatima.

Other talks include panel discussions on Feminism Today, Karachi As A Woman and Women Surviving Vulnerability.

There will also be workshops on workplace rights, entrepreneurship (How to Start a Business in Under Rs. 100,000!) and effective volunteerism.

Young girls can enjoy kickboxing lessons, zumba classes and a self-awareness talk by Aahung, an NGO working towards promoting sexual and reproductive health and rights.

What’s more, there will be musical performances by the one-hit sensation from Nescafe Basement, All Girls Band. They’ll be followed up by Sounds of Kolachi.

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