Pakistan will tour Australia in the end

  • of  the current year to play three Test matches and five One-day Internationals, according to schedule announced by Cricket Australia here on Wednesday.

    The tour will begin with the first Test from December 15, 2016 at Brisbane and end with the fifth ODI at Adelaide on January 26, 2017.

    Australia will also host a three-Test series against South Africa in November, and  a three-ODI series against New Zealand in December before Pakistan’s tour.

    Later, they will also play a series of three Twenty20 Internationals against Sri Lanka in February 2017.

    Following is their programme of international matches for the 2016-17 season:

    Nov.3-7 v South Africa, 1st Test, Perth

    Nov.12-16 v South Africa, 2nd Test, Hobart

    Nov.24-28 v South Africa, 3rd Test, Adelaide*

    Dec.4 v New Zealand, 1st ODI, Sydney

    Dec.6 v New Zealand, 2nd ODI, Canberra

    Dec.9 v New Zealand, 3rd ODI, Melbourne

    Dec.15-19 v Pakistan, 1st test, Brisbane#

    Dec.26-30 v Pakistan, 2nd test, Melbourne

    Jan.3-7 v Pakistan, 3rd test, Sydney

    Jan.13 v Pakistan, 1st ODI, Brisbane

    Jan.15 v Pakistan, 2nd ODI, Melbourne

    Jan.19 v Pakistan, 3rd ODI, Perth

    Jan.22 v Pakistan, 4th ODI, Sydney

    Jan.26 v Pakistan, 5th ODI, Adelaide

    Feb.17 v Sri Lanka, 1st T20, TBC

    Feb.19 v Sri Lanka, 2nd T20, TBC

    Feb.22 v Sri Lanka, 3rd T20, TBC

    * possible day-night Test

    # day night Test

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