Pakistan: Major General Ishfaq Nadeem Ahmad


Director  General of Military Operations Pakistan Army (DG MO) on Monday informed the inquiry commission, mandated to investigate US army raid of May 2 to take out Al-Qaeda kingpin, that the operation in  Abbottabad was not known to any tier in the Pakistan Army.

He said that the United States acted in an environment of trust and the Pakistan Army was, therefore, taken by surprise.  The DGMO gave a detailed briefing to the Inquiry Commission on  Abbottabad Operation which held its meeting in the Cabinet Division under the chairmanship of Justice Javed Iqbal, the senior most judge of the Supreme Court of Pakistan.


The Pak Army official said that the strategic sites were very well  protected and were under air and ground protection of the Pakistan Armed Forces.

He also explained the Army’s perspective about the Abbottabad Operation.

He informed the commission about the contacts made by the Chief of Army Staff with the Chief of Air Staff, the Foreign Secretary, the Prime Minister and the President soon after learning about the incident, said a press release issued by the Cabinet Division.


The DG gave details regarding Army’s posts established along the Pak-Afghan border.
He said that the Army was involved in operations in different areas to fight militancy. The presence of Army was meant to eliminate militancy and to establish the writ of state in those areas.


He, however, stated that no threat whatsoever was envisaged from Afghanistan and ISAF (International Security Assistance Force), both of whom were allies of Pakistan in the fight against terrorism.
Pakistan and US/ISAF conducted anti-militant operations on respective side of the Pakistan – Afghanistan border and plans of operations closed to the border were fully shared, he added.


He also explained that the Abbottabad Cantonment was an open area, hosting only training institutions and no fighting troops were deployed in the garrison.


Nevertheless these institutions had their own security in place to deal with any security threat, he added.
The meeting was attended by Inspector General of Police (Retd) Abbas Khan, Ashraf Jehangir Qazi and Lt. Gen ® Nadeem Ahmed, members of the Commission.


Next meeting of the Commission will be held on August 1 in which the Director General of Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) will give a briefing. / APP

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